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Acid Production Plants

BAGFAS Bandırma Fertilizer Plants are the first and so far the only integrated fertilizer production facilities in Turkey.
The plant uses raw materials sulphur and phosphate rock to produce acid and thus, fertilizers.

Sulphuric Acid Production Plant

The Sulphuric Acid Plant is Turkey’s only sulphur based processing facility and produces sulphuric acid using the double absorption contact process, the most advanced sulphur processing method in the world. The single production line has the capacity to produce 1650 tons per day and 550.000 tons per year. The plant holds a Lurgi/Basf licence and is among the largest first five producers of sulphuric acid in the world.

Phosphoric acid Production Plant

A hemihydrate reaction and dehydrate filtration technology, named the Nissan H Process is being used in the BAGFAS Phosphoric Acid Plant. Production capacity is 440 tons per day, and 150.000 tons per year. Gypsum, which is used as a chemical cleaning agent and soil conditioner, is the by-product of the manufacturing process.

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