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All fertilizer and acid products are ready for export, and are REACH registered.

Chemical fertilizers

Super Granule CAN (26.5% N)

Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) fertilizer has a market share of 15-20% among the fertilizers consumed in Turkey, with BAGFAS being the sole producer of the granule form of CAN in the country. The consumption of CAN, which can be used for almost every type of plant cultivated in Turkey, may vary depending on annual rainfall. The granule form of BAGFAS CAN minimizes the loss of nitrogen synonomous with N fertilizers when on soil.

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AN (Granule 33.5% N)

The share of Ammonium nitrate consumption in Turkey relative to other fertilizers is 20% . The AN fertilizer produced by BAGFAS, the only granular AN production in the country, are not only entirely watersoluble but minimize nitrogen loss due to their granular nature.

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DAP (18.46.0)

Di Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) fertilizer, containing 18 percent N ( Nitrogen) and 46 percent P2O5 (Phosphate) is the most frequently used root fertilizer in the world. Exporting 110.000 tons of DAP in 2014, BAGFAS has set a record that is a testament to the appreciation its product receives worldwide.

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AS (21% N)

Formed in large white crystals, our AS is entirely water soluble, and has been named “the sugar fertilizer” by the local farmers for its resemblance to granulated sugar. It has 24% sulphur (S) in its build. This sulphur is both used by plants as food and also nurtures neutral and alkaline soil.

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Sulphur Composite Fertilizer 20.20.0 + 36 SO3

Composite fertilizer 20.20.0 + 36 SO3 contains 20 percent N ( Nitrogen) , 20 percent P2O5 (Phosphate/) and 36 percent SO3. Its granular form allows it to be used as a root fertilizer for all soils which do not require potassium(K). In case of sprinkle usage the fertilizer shall definitely be brought to seed depth under the soil.

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Sulphur Zinc Composite Fertilizer 20.20.0 + 30 SO3 + 1 Zn

Composite 20.20.0 + 36SO3 + Zn fertilizer contains 20 percent N (Nitrogen) , 20 percent P2O5 ( phosphate) , 30 percent SO3 and 1 percent Zn (zinc). It has been proved by hours of research and experiment that the use of zinc composite fertilizer is alimentary in treating diseases and frailties seen in local people and plants due to the lack of zinc (Zn) in Turkish soil structure.

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Sulphur Composite 15.15.15 + 25 SO3

Composite 15.15.15 + 25 SO3 contains 15 percent N (Nitrogen) , 15 percent P2O5 (phosphate) , 15 percent K2O (potassium) and 25 percent SO3. It has been noted that this type of fertilizer is increasingly more preferred in recent years to fight the lack of potassium (K) in the lands of our country.

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Sulphur Trioxide Zinc NPK Compound 15.15.15 + 20 SO3 + 1 Zn

Compound 15.15.15 + 20SO3 + 1 Zn fertilizer has 15% N (nitrogen), 15% P2O5 (phosphorus), 15% K2O (potassium), 20% SO3 (sulphur trioxide) and 1% Zn (zinc) in it. This fertilizer, used in soil that lacks Zn and potassium (K), gets more popular among farmers every year.

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Special Formulations

Special fertilizer formutalions are being produced in order to meet the requirements of Beet Farmers Cooperative Union of Turkey and others. For example;

  • Sulphur Composite 12.30.12 + 15 SO3 fertilizer
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  • Compound Fertilizer (10.20.0)
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  • Compound Fertilizer (16.20.0)
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  • Sulphur Zinc Composite 13.24.12 + 10SO3 + 1 Zn fertilizer
  • Sulphur Zinc Composite 10.25.10 + 11SO3 + 1 Zn fertilizer

are the exclusively produced type of fertilizers.

Acid Production

Phosphoric Acid

Used in Textile, food industry, agriculture, metal surface cleaning, industrial cleaning, leather industry, cosmetics, detergents, construction chemicals, soft drink acidity, poultry, pesticide production, decreasing Ph of stove plants and other industries.

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Sulfuric Acid

Used in leather industry, construction, food industry, metal and energy industries, sulphuric acid is a lynchpin of industrial chemistry.

It has a vital importance in fertilizer production, oil refining, wastewater treatment, chemical synthesis, production of colourizing and explosive substances.

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Other Specialty Products

Tailor made special compound fertilizers can be produced and exported along with our more common products:

  • Super Granule CAN (27% N)
  • NP 10.20.20
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  • NPK 11.15.15
  • NPK 11.11.16
  • NPK 8.18.15 + Bor
  • NPK 10.24.20 + Bor
  • NPK 14.23.14 + Bor

These are some of the exclusive products that we export to several countries around the world.

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