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Fertilizer Production Plants

BAGFAS Bandırma Fertilizer Plants are the first and so far the only integrated fertilizer production facilities in Turkey.
The plant uses raw materials sulphur and phosphate rock to produce acid and thus, fertilizers.

TSP Plant

The NSP/TSP holding an Albatros license, is the first production plant built inside the BAGFAS facilities. It has the capacity to produce 500 tons per day. Currently idle, the plant will be renovated to produce various phosphate fertilizers.

Crystal Ammonium Sulphate Plant

Built with Uhde sythesis method, this unique plant produces crystal ammonium sulphate from ammonia and sulphuric acid. Ammonium sulphate is produced in 4 lead-plated reactors. The plant has a capacity of 800 tons per day.

DAP - NPK Granulation Plant

BAGFAS has two sister phospate granulation plants. These plants can produce DAP or compound fertilizers.

In the year 1980, these plants were the first fruit of Stamicarbon/Uhde/Bagfas ‘s studies in flow reactor technology. By using these technologies Bagfas not only manages to save substantial amount of energy but also achieves an environmentally sound production . Gaseous wastes are cleaned and dispensed with a 4 step washing system and liquid wastes are converted for reuse. After it was tested and proven in the BAGFAS facilities, other companies in Turkey and the rest of the World began to use plug flow reactor technology The plants either produce a single type of product or are capable of dividing production between two different types of products at once. The production capacity of the plants when producing different fertilizer types at once is 800 tons/day for Compound Fertilizers and 575 tons/day for DAP. When simulteanously producing only a single type of product the capacity becomes 1.600 tons/day for Compound Fertilizers or 1.150 tons/day for DAP.

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